About Emploware

Your safety is our concern

As a cybersecurity company, your security is our concern. With our services, we support you in optimal protection against various threats.

Our Mission

Better security for any company

Emploware is a specialist in the field of digital safety, or cyber security. As a Dutch company, we are mainly active in the B2B market within Europe where we support companies in their journey towards digital security.

The security of company data is increasingly at stake. The basis of this security usually starts with creating awareness among employees. Our name is a derivation of this: Employee awareness.

Within this this specialization we offer cyber security training and phishing simulations. In addition, we offer a diverse range of services, including website security, security management, and security assessment.

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Step 1: Educate

Strengthen your organisation by educating your employees and provide them with all necessary knowledge.

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Step 2: Test

Put your employees to the test with phishing simulations, social engineering and alike.

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Step 3: Monitor

Monitor your company for weaknesses and repeat steps one and two throughout the year for proper protection.



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