Has your organization ever considered a phishing simulation? Probably not. However, in today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats are constantly evolving, ensuring the security of your organization is paramount.

Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities, with phishing attacks being one of the most prevalent and dangerous threats

What is a phishing simulation?

A phishing simulation is a powerful tool that enables organizations to simulate real-world phishing attacks in a safe and controlled environment. By replicating the tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals, phishing simulations provide invaluable insights into an organization’s security posture while enhancing the cybersecurity awareness of employees.

Our phishing simulation services go beyond traditional training methods by immersing your workforce in realistic scenarios that mimic the latest phishing tactics. We create customized and tailored phishing emails, carefully crafted to emulate the sophistication of real attacks. Through this experience, your employees will learn to identify phishing attempts, avoid falling victim to them, and understand the critical role they play in safeguarding your organization’s valuable assets.

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Creating awareness

It sounds cliché, but every company is as strong as its weakest link. And in many cases, the weakest link is an employee within your company. Depending on the scenario, a single mistake by one of your employees can lead to enormous damage. The damage you might have been able to prevent by creating awareness. A phishing simulation is one of the ways to create awareness. And besides awareness, you also create insight into the risk profile of your organization.

Phishing is a way of fraud that is rapidly increasing. It can also take place in many ways. In the past, these were usually poorly written and blatantly fraudulent e-mails, but times have changed. Nowadays, messages are often indistinguishable from real ones and people are even able to make spoofed calls from, for example, your bank. Creating awareness among employees is therefore a must for every organization.

Why a phishing simulation?

With a phishing simulation, you focus on your employees. Insights you can gain include: Who clicks on a link? Who opens an email? Who fills in sensitive data?

First of all, this is a simulation. When your employees click on one of the simulated emails, or open an attachment, there are fortunately no consequences for your organization. However, you can see the actions per employee, so that you can respond to them. Your employees are faced with a real-life scenario and the impact this has is often considerable. That is why this way of training is so powerful.

You can choose whether or not you wish to make the training known to your employees. You can also determine the duration and frequency of the training. To ensure the continuous alertness of your employees, we normally see that our phishing simulations run continuously. One mistake is already one too many.

Types of Phishing

Phishing can take place through various communication channels, including smishing (SMS), vishing (voice/phone) and mail-phishing. Furthermore there are various ways an attack can take place. These can be either ‘non-targeted’ (e.g. mass-mailing) or ‘targeted’ (precision attack). Non-targeted attacks are usually non-personalised and are easier to spot. Targeted attacks are more sophisticated and can usually be categorized as follows:

Spear phishing: this focuses on an individual, organization, or company. Because it is a targeted attack, it does not always meet all the characteristics of a phishing attack. In other words, they are more difficult to recognize.

There is also Whaling. Whaling involves a person within an organization with a senior position. Think of a CEO, CFO, and similar positions.

With the help of your knowledge of the organization, campaigns can be set up in such a way that they contain certain information, increasing the degree of difficulty for your employees.

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Benefits of our phishing simulation service

By partnering with Emploware for a phishing simulation, you unlock a host of benefits that strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity defenses:

  1. Security awareness: Our simulations cultivate a culture of vigilance, empowering your employees to recognize and report phishing attempts effectively. They become an active and informed line of defense against cyber threats: a human firewall.
  2. Proactive risk mitigation: By identifying vulnerabilities and weak points within your organization’s security infrastructure, our simulations enable you to take targeted actions to fortify your defenses and minimize the risk of successful phishing attacks.
  3. Compliance and regulatory adherence: Our services align with industry standards and compliance requirements, ensuring your organization meets the necessary cybersecurity obligations.
  4. Incident response readiness: Through our simulations, your employees gain hands-on experience in responding to phishing attacks, enhancing their incident response capabilities and reducing the potential impact of real-world incidents.