In security management, we address what is of value to your organization and how you protect it. This often goes beyond financial value.

What is security management?

Security management includes the strategies, procedures and technologies used to protect an organization’s digital assets. At its core, it revolves around identifying an organization’s information assets and implementing appropriate policies and procedures to protect them.

Security management encompasses several areas, including risk management, access management, incident management and business continuity planning. It also manages the security measures of physical and information technology systems.

Risk management

Risk management is an essential part of security management because it helps identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and plan appropriate countermeasures. Access management, on the other hand, deals with who has access to what information and when. This involves setting rules for user authentication and authorization.

Incident management

Incident management is the process of preparing for and responding to security incidents. It includes setting up an effective response plan, investigating incidents and taking corrective action.

Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning is another important component, and it revolves around ensuring the continuity of business processes in the event of a failure or disaster.

In addition to these areas, technology also plays a major role in security management. This includes the use of various tools and solutions, such as firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and encryption tools, to ensure an organization’s security.The purpose of security managementThe main purpose of security management is to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information in an organization. It is an ongoing process that requires adaptation and improvement in response to changing technologies and threats. Therefore, it is essential that companies regularly review and update their security practices to ensure optimal protection.

How we can help you

Through this process, we aim to work with you to get a handle on the security risks you face. The integration of these solutions may perhaps mean that you do not have to perform your work or at least perform it differently than you do now. This is not always possible and in this we determine in consultation with your organization how best to manage this.

Questions we ask in this study include:

  • Is there security awareness among the organization’s employees?
  • Do employees work according to the organization’s protocols?
  • What is the effectiveness of the measures in your organization?
  • To what extent do you maintain a grip on the security management process?

Security Management Scan

With the security management service we offer, we can support you with a short quick scan. This gives you insight into the level of your security measures in a short period of time.

Through an inventory of available documents, research and interviews, we assess the most common vulnerabilities and most dangerous security problems within the available time.

Finally, you will receive a report containing the most important points of attention regarding the security of your organization.

Security is not a one-time activity. It is a process that is always current and ongoing. It is therefore important that within the organization the employees are aware of protocols and practices. Implementing a security awareness program is therefore something we usually recommend to our clients.