Cyber security awareness training is getting more and more attention and rightly so. While the number of cyber-threats is increasing rapidly, new threats continue to emerge. However, one constant factor remains: human error. Research by Cyberint shows that 95% of all data leaks are the result of human error. To better protect your organisation, training is crucial. Read more about the importance of cyber security awareness training and how we can provide this for your organisation.

What is cyber security awareness training?

Cybersecurity awareness training is an educational program that teaches individuals how to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber threats. It covers topics like recognizing tricks used by bad actors online, securing personal information, and practicing safe online habits. The training helps people understand the importance of cybersecurity and empowers them to make informed decisions to stay safe while using computers and the internet. By learning these skills, individuals can actively contribute to maintaining a secure online environment and protect against potential risks and attacks.

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The importance of awareness training

Cyber security awareness training is incredibly important for companies because it helps protect their sensitive information and digital systems from cyber threats. These threats can come from hackers and other malicious individuals who want to steal valuable data, cause damage, or disrupt operations. It plays a vital role in mitigating risks and enhancing your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture. By providing your employees with the knowledge and tools to identify and respond to potential threats, you create a human firewall that complements your technological safeguards.

Awareness training is not just a passive form of training but it also aims to change behavior and culture. This is usually done in conjunction with a phishing simulation, where the knowledge from the training is tested in practice.

How long does the training take?

Knowledge of cyber security threats is not a one-off. It is a long-term strategy. Due to the development of new attacks, your employees need to be aware of the latest developments. In addition, there must be a change in behaviour and it should not be seen as an incidental obstacle. For this reason, our training courses are accessible, online, short, and can be followed at your employee’s own pace.

Employees should receive training as part of their onboarding. Furthermore it should be part of an annual continual program to help them recognize and prevent phishing and other forms of social engineering attacks and to report possible security problems.

How can you implement this into your organisation?

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Implementation in your organisation

Because the training is completely online, you don’t need to implement any complicated software. We create an account for your employees and they can immediately get to work in their own secure online environment. In addition, employees are easily kept up to date because new content is uploaded every month.

Did you know that…

More than 90% of cyber-attacks start with an email. Untrained employees open one out of four phishing emails and get hacked that way. Through training, you develop your employees from potential targets to defenders of your organisation. This reduces risk and damage because employees are able to recognise attacks and irregularities. Research also shows that training increases employee performance in the workplace.

Emploware’s training courses are fully online. The lessons consist of short videos, followed by quiz questions. Your employees set their own pace and time, and choose their own lessons. With just a few minutes a week, your employees will learn about topics such as spear phishing, vishing, whaling, and more.

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