What is the state of your website security? What is the damage to your business when your website becomes inaccessible? The damage and consequences are underestimated by many business owners.

The importance of website security

Website security is often not a priority and is also often seen as a cost. However, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on their online display. More and more people are using Google to find a supplier of products or services. Accessibility, speed and a high ranking in search results are the basis for this. Elements that can all be harmed when an attack occurs.

Because the landscape of cybersecurity is enormously broad, so is the security of your Web site. For example, it is important to protect your website from DDOS attacks, as well as brute-force attacks and code injections. If these terms sound unfamiliar to you, it is advisable to contact us for further advice. Chances are that your organization is at substantial risk.

The risks

With continued digitization and the ease of setting up a business or website today, the risk of a data breach is growing. Or an error in your website security. The simplest order often requires the creation of an account. A webshop that nowadays can be completely managed by a 16-year-old student without any knowledge or experience is no longer an exception. Not everyone thinks about the dangers of this and the consumer/user often wrongly assumes that the website where they register has taken all precautions regarding cyber security.

Human error

Even for reputable companies, it is difficult to make that guarantee. Verizon reported in FY 2019 that 21% of all breaches were due to human error.

So because things are getting simpler and simpler and people need to create accounts somewhere more often, passwords tend to be reused. Something that can also cause problems in your organization. For example, your employee may use the same password when logging in to company software as he or she does to his or her social media account or favorite web shop. You thus risk unwanted access to software and/or systems.

WordPress security

The simplicity with which websites and web shops can be set up is well reflected in the numbers. WordPress is a simple way that allows one to bring their own website to life with literally a few clicks. By 2020, this platform will support about 35% of all websites online. This therefore means that this is of enormous interest to hackers par excellence. After all, if one succeeds in performing a hack, one can basically hack a huge potential of websites.

There are many risks involved in using WordPress, which is why we offer a specialized security service for this type of website. Read more information on our wordpress security page.

Website Scan

How secure is your website? With our website scan we give you insight into the vulnerabilities of your website. Based on our scan, you can take measures to prevent your website from falling prey to hackers. Every day there are 90,000 attacks against WordPress websites alone. You can imagine what a staggering number of attacks then take place daily against all the websites in the world. Your website may also be among them. Perhaps people have been trying to bring in your website with brute force attacks for quite some time but you have not been aware of it yet. A hacker only needs one opening to gain access to your website. That means you must not make a single mistake every second of every day.