As cyber-attacks increase – and become more sophisticated – companies are paying more and more attention to the security of their organisation. Companies are also increasingly recognising that their employees are an important link in the line of defence. However, this development is still in its infancy and training is often seen as a cost item. In this article, we discuss the advantages of security awareness training.

1. Security awareness training has many advantages

Security awareness training is the process of formally teaching employees about the many cyber dangers that exist, how to recognise them and how to take the necessary actions to keep themselves and their organisation safe.

There are several benefits to security awareness training, but we will limit ourselves to a total of eight in this article.

1.1 Your weakest link becomes your strongest link

Since 95 per cent of data breaches are due to human error, the need for security awareness training cannot be overstated. After all, people are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security. Properly trained and educated personnel are therefore essential to a successful defence. An advantage of security awareness training is that it turns your weakest link into a strong defence mechanism.

1.2 Limiting risks and damage

Another advantage of a cyber security awareness programme is that it protects the organisation from risks and damage.

A strong security awareness training programme will give employees the information and confidence to notice potential security risks and enable them to respond effectively and de-escalate the situation or inform a supervisor.

When training is offered consistently, a security-aware culture is created. As your employees gain expertise, they will be better equipped to serve as a defence mechanism for your business, and you will become more proactive in your security efforts. Potential threats will be spotted earlier and potential damage and risks will be reduced.

1.3 Reduces time and costs

Restoring normalcy to an organisation after a breach or other security disaster can be time-consuming and expensive.

The likelihood of a cyber attack is significantly reduced if your employees are trained in cyber security concepts and understand their role in keeping your business safe. A reboot of essential business systems can be set up more quickly if your employees are properly trained. Ultimately, this reduces your downtime and the costs associated with it.

1.4 Increased employee competence

Your organisation will be more aware of its vulnerabilities if your staff is better informed about cyber threats. Hacking strategies, like technology, evolve at a dizzying pace. If your staff is trained in security awareness, they will be able to warn you of potential risks to the organisation.

1.5 Helps develop a good security policy

One of the main benefits of security awareness training is that it ensures your company’s compliance. In order to be compliant, companies must adhere to a large number of rules. Compliance with applicable rules and regulations is crucial for companies that handle personal and sensitive information. In addition, breaking the law carries a significant financial penalty.

A security awareness training programme, on the other hand, is the ideal answer to preventing financial and legal violations, as it teaches employees how to comply with these standards and how to responsibly manage sensitive information.

1.6 Cyber-attacks can be easily dealt with

With so many businesses now working remotely, the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches has increased dramatically. Because even small mistakes can expose a company to all sorts of dangers, all employees should receive awareness training. This is also an important benefit of running phishing simulations.

1.7 Customer Satisfaction

Customers today are more concerned about safeguarding their data. To gain customer trust, companies must respond by building tools and solutions that demonstrate their cyber resilience. This is how they can win the trust of customers.

According to a Ponemon research, 31% of consumers cut ties with a company after a data breach. Additionally, 65% of respondents said they lost trust in the organisation after being harmed by one or more attacks. These findings underline the need for a solid security policy.

1.8 Increase employee happiness

It is a well-known fact that happy people are more productive. It is important to realise that safety awareness training is about much more than just the safety of people in the workplace. For it also protects their personal lives and this benefit is often underestimated. If the objectives of the training are achieved, both the organisation and the employees will benefit.

2. Conclusion

Training has always been an essential practice for all teams in an organisation. It ensures that all your employees are on the same page and have the essential information and skills to perform their duties correctly.

Implementing a security awareness programme is a wise business decision. Even if you are a small business owner, security is important. If implemented effectively, all training will help employees reduce business risk and make more informed decisions.